Best Red Velvet Songs Ranked and Download on MP3Juice

Best Red Velvet Songs Ranked

In this article, we will show you the best Red Velvet songs ranked to download and listen to. Red velvet is supposed to have a flavor that is quite complex. 

Its distinct flavor originates from its duality, which combines sweetness and acidity to taste. This isn’t exactly an unusual mix, but that’s what makes it a one-of-a-kind dessert.

Red Velvet is a good example of this. With a split concept, this five-member girl group rose to the top of the K-pop market, fusing the lively pep of their “red” side with the silky R&B of their “velvet” side. 

Because of the industry’s fast pace, it might be disconcerting when groups switch concepts. However, Red Velvet’s group identity is built on reversal charms.

Lists of The Best Red Velvet Songs Ranked

It’s been a long time since Red Velvet debuted with “Happiness” in 2014. So, in honor of their anniversary, we decided to go through their discography and list our best songs. Red Velvet, happy birthday! In the following five years, we expect to see even more parts of you.

1. Red Flavor

At this moment, “Red Flavor” is practically Red Velvet’s hallmark song. It became one of their best-selling songs after its debut in 2017, and it became their first No. 1 on Korea’s Gaon chart. It was even carried out in North Korea. 

With the addictive tune, captivating choreography, and fruity music video producing a sensory explosion, it’s the perfect mix of showmanship.

2. Bad Boy

Red Velvet is ready with the sleekest, sultriest music in their career, thanks to R&B architects The Stereotypes and SM Entertainment superstar Yoo Young-jin. On the loftily titled The Perfect Red Velvet, “Bad Boy” leads the charge and delivers in spades, epitomizing the R&B style they’ve cultivated since 2014’s “Be Natural.”

3. Kingdom Come

You can’t expect anything less than a religious experience with a title like “Kingdom Come,” and Red Velvet takes us straight to Sunday church on this R&B stunner. Their vocals take the stage, supported by off-kilter percussion and gorgeous, nuanced harmonies and stand-out ad-libs from the great Wendy and Seulgi.

4. Dumb Dumb

This high-powered electro-pop single starts strong and never stops to take a breath, dishing up a true earworm of a hit that makes the most of Red Velvet’s dynamic vocals. It’s K-answer pop’s to Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jesse J’s “Bang Bang.” The horn-infused song travels at a breakneck speed and centers on the eponymous chant.

5. Body Talk

Red Velvet had been together for less than three years when their Rookie EP was released in 2017. However, it was this exquisite B-side that first hinted at these diverse musicians’ mature and intellectual side. 

It was the first time the trio exhibited a more sensual side over the soaring, ’80s-inspired synth work, according to Seulgi, who considered it her favorite tune from the EP.

6. Automatic

The two singles from Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake album showcased the group’s dual ideals in full. While the album’s lovely title tune displayed the band’s bright “red” side, the “velvet” song “Automatic” is one of their smoothest cuts to date. 

In what has proven to be a fundamental cornerstone of their sound, simple percussion allows the girls’ ability for smooth harmonies to shine.

7. Russian Roulette

This joyful music captures the tonal discord at the heart of Red Velvet’s work perfectly. Who else could be referred to as “your sweet Russian roulette”? 

However, to get the full effect, you must watch the music video. If the girls weren’t on a deadpan murder spree, the candy-coated picture could be mistaken for a Wes Anderson film.

Finally, those are the best Red Velvet songs ranked that you can enjoy on MP3Juices. Download and listen to them for free without paying anything to subscribe. 

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