Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Features & Paylines

Dragon's Luck Deluxe Slot

The third installment of Red Tiger’s Dragon’s Luck slot series—which also includes a Megaways version—is called Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo. The Deluxe is similar to the First Slot in that it cannot perform the type of reel gymnastics that Megaways can. Red Tiger has nonetheless produced a moody slot that offers enough of exoticism for those who enjoy Asian-inspired gaming.

Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo has received a minor graphic improvement, making it the game’s aesthetic appeal the best thus far. Although there isn’t much of a difference, Dragon’s Luck Deluxe is pleasing to the eye because of its hazy mountain backdrop, ornate pagoda frame, and dragons that wrap around the columns of its 5 reel, 20 payline grid.

We regrettably do not get Lo Wang’s amusing commentary like in the 1997 classic first-person shooter Shadow Warrior from 3D Realms. An ordinary soundtrack with Eastern influences plays in the background to complete the effect.

You can travel to the East using any gadget that accepts bets between 10p and £/€20 each spin. Red Tiger made a huge statistical shift between the first game and this one. Volatility has increased by almost three times more than it did in the non-deluxe, going from low to medium/high along with this shift probability. RTP, which is now 95.77%, is the only figure that has fallen.

The pay from any reel mechanic remains in Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo, which is an important feature. You can win if three or more symbols appear next to each other on a payline starting on any reel. This might be three fish on reels 2, 3, and 4, for instance.

Although there has been a modest graphical improvement, the symbols have generally kept the same as well. The 10-A calligraphic styled royals are the lowest paying; next come the higher paying flowers, fish, dolls, and the ‘138’ symbol. The reward ranges from 12.5 to 69 times your bet for a line of five premium symbol combinations. Despite the lack of wild symbols, the game’s pay anywhere concept and other features make them unnecessary.

Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo: Features

The Dragon Coin mystery symbol is by far the most frequent element. It frequently lands, making it essential to the gameplay of Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo. Dragon’s Help, free spins, and the elusive enormous Mega Coins are additional bonuses.

Dragon Coins can randomly appear on any reel, in any location. Coins in the field of view all spin at once, revealing the same kind of symbol. They show a few different symbols while they spin before displaying the final one and determining the win.

Even though they can appear on both paid and bonus spins, Mega Coins are quite uncommon. Similar to the smaller Dragon Coins, these are 3×3 in size and flip to display identical symbols for a win. You are ensured to receive a payout when a Mega Coin drops because of their size and the pay in any position mechanic.

Although the Dragon’s Help feature is not frequently used, it can be quite useful. When that happens, the dragons on either side of the reels will blow fire onto the grid, letting you know. They do this to enhance the symbols that Dragon Coins have shown, which could result in better outcomes.

When five or more free spins icons are visible, free spins are finally awarded. Free spins symbols only emerge when Dragon Coins are revealed; they do not land like regular pay symbols.

The number of free spins awarded is equal to the number of free spins symbols on the reels. When you realize that nothing different occurs during free spins compared to the regular game, it could feel a little anticlimactic. However, 1 extra free spin is added to the total every time a free spins symbol lands on the reels.

Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo: Verdict

You can understand why Red Tiger is trying to squeeze every last drop of profit from the Dragon’s Luck series. The Dragon Coin mystery symbols are highly interesting due to the peculiar way they function.

When they are spinning between low and high pay symbols, they can tantalize, tease, torment, or whatever else you want to call it. Sometimes you just cross your fingers for the symbols with the biggest payouts, and other times you think about which symbols will work best with the ones currently on the board. They spin around, alternating between glory and a lovely nothing.

Dragon Coins typically yield a modest gain, but occasionally they surprise by flipping to precisely the proper symbols. When Dragon Coins produce a win and Dragon’s Help illuminates the grid, improving the win, that is better.

It indicates that the features are compelling even if Asian gaming isn’t really your cup of tea. A pleasant moment could potentially occur if a full grid of mystery symbols lands. You already know you’re getting something unique, but how special will it be exactly?

Even though the payouts on Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo are higher than those on Dragon’s Luck, you won’t likely win something astronomically large. Instead of the 1,380x that was achievable in the initial game, wins of up to 3,888 times the stake are now possible. However, given that Megaways is a totally different kettle of koi, both obviously pale in contrast to what that sister is capable of.

Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot Demo is a decent option if you want to play pleasant, wholesome Asian games. The features are a wonderful balance of tease and reward, which should delight both lovers of the original and general Asian enthusiasts. It’s not an intense adrenaline rush pouring out eye-watering data. Are you interested in Dragon’s Luck Deluxe Slot game? If you are interested in this game, you can play it on slot online sites, of course.

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