4 Best Things in High Roller Casino Review, You Should Know!

High Roller Casino review

In this High Roller Casino review, this one is more of a pinball machine than a true casino simulation, but it does have some incredible casino-style aesthetics. 

This table’s visual style is eerily similar to that of Las Vegas, so if you enjoy that glitzy, glamorous city, you’ll enjoy it a lot.

Of course, High Roller Casino also has a fantastic pinball game, complete with extra casino-style minigames for that extra touch of realism. 

There’s even a roulette wheel and a slot machine to check out, both of which are fully functional, so this is a more realistic Vegas experience than other games in many ways!.

Best High Roller Casino Review

Unlike its missing competitors, this table was designed by Stern Pinball in 2001 and was first released in 2001. Unlike many of Farsight’s previous releases, this one isn’t tied to a major film, television show, or character. 

This may be a major drawback for some, but for me, it allows the table to stand on its own. As the name implies, it recreates all of the excitement and spills of a classic High Roller Casino in the form of a pinball table.

The table itself tries to cram an entire casino into its playfield, with different games in different areas of the table. 

The roulette wheel in the top right corner has multiple functions during play. A slot machine is still at the top, with cards lower down. The table graphics also include decorative chip stacks, dice, and other casino symbols.

To Getting Started in High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino begins by launching a ball into the roulette wheel using a traditional spring-based plunger. An opening bonus is awarded instead of aiming for a specific target for a skill shot. 

Depending on where the ball lands on the roulette wheel, it’s completely random. While you have no control over this, the sound effects immediately set the tone, as the realistic clatter of the ball as it spins around the wheel is simply amazing. 

You immediately feel as if you’re in the middle of a casino, and this sensation lasts for the duration of the game.

All of the game modes are triggered by a combination of hitting the targets and ramps in specific combinations, as you might expect. Various game modes make use of the simulated dot matrix display, and bonuses are awarded based on your actions. 

The Gameplay

The additional modes and sub-games provide a welcome break from the pinball action. Adding variety in this way keeps the game from becoming monotonous and keeps the gameplay fresh and interesting throughout.

Despite the fact that the physical table was 17 years old, it managed to perfectly capture the casino look. 

The table artwork is fantastic, and the console ports have done an excellent job of recreating it. Everything is extremely detailed, well-animated, and fluid. The sound is just as impressive. 

The music isn’t the best we’ve heard in a pinball machine, but the sound effects more than make up for it. These are absolutely stunning, and aside from licensed tables that use well-known music and actors’ voices, this is among the best we’ve ever heard on a table.

What Makes High Roller Casino Good?

Moreover, this is a really enjoyable table to play, and we found myself coming back to it again and again. 

It does, however, have a few drawbacks. The lack of an automatic ball save feature at the start of the game is a problem with High Roller Casino, as it is with many older tables. 

Due to the layout of the table, it’s all too easy to lose a ball right at the start, sometimes without even having a chance to hit it. It just leads to frustration without a second chance function. Most tables of this era did, so we’re not sure why this one didn’t.

To conclude High Roller Casino review, we haven’t advanced to the current generation of consoles, unlike many other gamers. As a result, we’ve only used the Playstation games to play this table. 

It does, however, have some minor lag and responsiveness issues. This appears to be a widespread issue with many of the Pinball Arcade tables. It’s not a deal-breaker, and it’s something you’ll quickly get used to, and you’ll soon forget about it.

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