Regal Streak Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Features & Paylines

Regal Streak Slot Demo

For their traditionally designed slot, Regal Streak Slot Demo, mystifying Red Tiger partners R7 return to the fundamentals. I’ll take the less is more approach and say that the game’s theme or appearance don’t exactly stimulate. With a multiplier-filled round of free spins that can produce some surprisingly sizable wins, Regal Streak takes an unapologetically straightforward approach to its gameplay.

The game’s design is simple, especially the graphics, which feature an emerald green background with stars that resembles the felt top of a pool table. The grid isn’t really any more complex. A 5-reel, 3-payline slot with a plethora of vibrant, chunky symbols is surrounded by a gold bar.

A jazzy, disco rendition of Foster the People’s popular song Pumped up Kicks completes the performance. The remaining sound effects are the typical bleeps that go along with this kind of game, but a highly jazzy one. Regal Streak Slot Demo, a Aw8indo slot site game that can be played on any device, provides bets that range from 10 cents to £10 each spin. Not exactly high roller friendly, but there is a lot of potential, so it’s possible that bets have been limited to limit exposure.

RTP is 95.71%, which is somewhat below average, but volatility is significant. An unexpected amount of features were hit during testing, which is surprising. Regal Streak might have been a fantastic game for us to catch, but it didn’t seem to be as tight-fisted as previous Red Tiger games occasionally are.

Regal Streak Slot Demo has a couple of surprises, despite primarily being a regular fruity-themed slot. The first is the pay anywhere mechanism, which pays off when three or more matching symbols appear on a payline.

It makes no difference if the winning combination begins on the first reel or if the winning symbols are adjacent or not. Instead of spending the most of the time looking at the first three reels, this technique makes better use of the few paylines and seems more exciting.

The paytable, which consists entirely of generic icons, does not include many surprises. The lowest end of the range is made up of 10 to Ace royals, followed by cherries, four-leaf clovers, bells, and fortunate 7s. From 13.5 to 45 times the stakes are awarded for full lines of premium symbols. There is no wild card, and the only additional icon is the scatter, which is discussed in the section below this.

Regal Streak Slot Demo: Features

There isn’t much that adds flavor to the original game save the pay anywhere mechanic and Regal Nudges. However, if the bonus game is wrapped up tightly enough, it might get wild. There are numerous features relating to multipliers as well as Regal Spins.

If two scatter symbols appear on an active payline during the main game, there is a chance that the crown in the logo will fly down and move the reels. When the Regal Nudge feature is on, a third scatter symbol could show up to start a free spins round.

Watch for the rega spins symbols since three, four, or five of them anywhere in the field of view provide 15, 20, or 25 rega spins, respectively. One of the pay symbols is chosen from random to serve as the multiplier symbol before commencing the Regal Spins free spins.

Then, a multiplier bar for this selected symbol is added above the reels. Greater values are shown on the bar for symbols with higher payouts. For instance, the values on the multiplier bar are x7, x14, x21, and x28 if the lucky seven symbol is selected.

The round now starts at x1, and with each win featuring a multiplier symbol, the bar rolls forward, unlocking multipliers as it does so. During the feature, any current multiplier is added to each win line. When three or more Regal Spins symbols occur on a payline, the feature is boosted even more; for example, three, four, or five Regal symbols on a payline add 10, 15, or 20 more free spins, respectively.

For each Regal Spins symbol on the line, they also add one to the Multiplier Bar values. For instance, when three bonus symbols appear on a payline, the fortunate 7s multiplier bar raises to x10, x17, x24, and x31.

Regal Streak Slot Demo: Verdict

R7 has created Regal Streak, a game that doesn’t really strive to be unique or unusual in any way. Generally speaking, the game accomplishes exactly what it says on the label. When the win multiplier is activated during Regal Spins, things do get a little busier, but the gameplay is still straightforward the entire time. Regal Streak’s potential, where wins of up to 9,545 times the bet are theoretically achievable, might save it from being written off.

Regal Streak Slot Demo general design is as simple as they come, which may appeal to those gamers looking for an older Reel King-style atmosphere. Due to the chosen symbol mechanic in the bonus game, it also has a somewhat “Book of” feel, even though the remainder of the rules are very different. There isn’t much more to say about Regal Streak; you either love the simple gameplay or you hate it.

Regal Streak Slot Demo might be worth a try if you’re in the mood for a straightforward classic slot with a fast tempo and potentially large payouts. Others who like a little more sophistication will experience it as though they are dialing a pal on a landline phone with a rotary dial.

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