Viral Spiral Slot Review: RTP 95.69% (Red Tiger)

Viral Spiral Slot Review

Are you curious about the Viral Spiral slot review? When it comes to the entertainment industry, whenever a creator creates something new, they usually do it in a greater, more exciting way than before. 

In the case of slots, this usually translates to wild themes, extra reels, more opportunities to win, and higher potential payouts. Red Tiger’s Viral Spiral online slot is an exception. Red Tiger has taken the opposite approach with this game, creating one of the most basic games you’ll ever see.

Overview of Viral Spiral Slot Review

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You would think, “Well, here’s another 33, 1-payline slot,” but the setup is actually quite sophisticated when compared to Viral Spiral. This is a coin slot that does not contain paylines, reels, or rows in the traditional sense. Instead, one spinning reel rests in the center of the screen, always displaying a single symbol. 

It’ll either be a losing symbol or a bonus symbol in the case symbols. The rest of the screen is straightforward, with a whirling pattern is mostly green tones that shift colors in the Bonus Wheel section of the play.

1. RTP and Volatile

The first step is to choose a stake, which ranges from 10p/c to £/€20 per wager. When you spin the wheel, you either land nothing or the Bonus Wheel is triggered; it’s that simple. 

Viral Spiral’s default RTP is 95.69%, and its math model is highly volatile, according to statistics. That’s pretty much all there is to say for now, except that you should expect a lot of dead spins before you get to the good stuff.

2. Game Features

Players press the spin button, and the reels spin to show one of two outcomes: a placeholder symbol that is worthless and has no effect, or the Bonus Wheel sign. 

Bonus Wheel

The Bonus Wheel feature is activated when the Bonus Wheel is landed, and it takes over the screen. The bonus wheel has eight segments: four losing segments, three lesser reward segments, and one larger golden prize section.

The winning parts are larger than the lost segments on the initial Bonus Wheel spin, giving you a 75% chance of winning. The winning parts on subsequent wheels are smaller, with a 50% probability of winning. 


If the Bonus Wheel falls on a reward section, all awards on the wheel are increased, and players can choose to collect their winnings or gamble to respin the wheel. The prizes on the following wheels are boosted by a greater amount if the wheel hits the golden big prize section rather than a smaller prize section.

Gamble Feature

If the wheel hits a losing section, the player loses and must return to the base game. Players can wager up to three times in total. 

The wheel pays out 15 times the bet as a minimum and 5,000 times as a maximum. Only if the cursor lands on the golden big prize sections for each spin can you spin for the maximum 5,000x.

Nudge Feature

Viral Spiral also has a nudge feature, which means that if the Bonus Wheel sign doesn’t appear in the base game, the reel may be nudged into view, triggering the feature. 

Finally, the game provides interested players with a “optimal gamble strategy.” If that’s the case, Red Tiger believes the best strategy is to gamble twice and then collect the prize. Playing gambling and expecting the right Keluaran SGP, might be fun to follow.

Slot Verdict

Well, that’s unique; let’s give it to the Viral Spiral coin machine. Will it, however, live up to its name and become viral? To be completely honest, it’s tough to imagine that occurring. There will undoubtedly be some players that enjoy this game among the large range of online gamblers, and the game has qualities.

At the end of this Viral Spiral slot review, it’s the type of gambling slot that someone may easily have open while watching TV or messing with their phone. You wouldn’t miss much, if any, of the action if your attention was elsewhere because most of the time there is nothing but dead spins going on.

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