5 Best TV Show Slots That You Should Play in 2021

5 Best TV Show Slots That You Should Play in 2021

TV-inspired games have always held a special place in the hearts of gamers, even before the advent of traditional console games. We’ve had a steadily growing variety of online slots to go along with the steady growth of great new TV show slots. 

That’s fantastic news for TV slots fans like us, because it means we’ll be able to review even more games based on some of the most popular TV shows from around the world.

That is exactly what this page is. It’s a collection of the best TV slots created by the slot developers behind the most popular gaming studios and based on the most popular television shows.

What Are TV Show Slots?

Some of the most popular casino games in the iGaming industry are online slot machines based on popular TV shows and reality shows. 

Despite the fact that branded games take more time and money to develop than standard games, game studios are willing to jump through several hoops to get them released.

As a result, you can now play slots based on classic TV shows like The X Files, Sherlock Holmes, Little Britain, or more recent Netflix series like Narcos. Whatever show you enjoy, there is almost certainly a slot for it, and if not, it will be released at some point.

Why You Should Play TV Slots?

There aren’t many reasons to play TV slot machines besides the fact that they’re based on your favorite TV show and feature your favorite characters. If you need more convincing, consider the following reasons why we think these slots are worth a try:

  • TV-themed slots are available in a variety of themes. There’s something for everyone, from movies to animations to reality shows
  • These slot machines may include multiple characters as well as exciting bonus features related to the shows on which they are based
  • TV slots are usually well-designed, with stunning visuals and even video content to spice up the reels, making them enjoyable and exciting to play
  • Many TV-inspired slots are part of a series, which offers the exciting prospect of playing your favorite games with enhanced gameplay
  • The majority of the new TV-themed slots are mobile-friendly, allowing you to play on the go. For your convenience, some game developers also make an effort to release an updated mobile version of their most popular slots.

The Top Best TV Slot Games

To save you time looking online for the best TV slots online, we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting games available at many online casinos. To learn more about each TV slot, continue reading or visit our full slot reviews:

1. Game of Thrones

Source Image : Slot88

Two modes are available: 15 paylines or 243 ways to win, free spins with win multipliers, and stacked symbols for even more wins.

2. Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen

Source: Mvideoslots

This slot is the official game of Gordon Ramsay’s TV show Hell’s Kitchen, and it certainly lives up to its name. Why is this so? Hell’s Kitchen slot machine is a 5-reel game designed by NetEnt that will certainly bring the heat and tension of the kitchen to you.

Gordon Ramsay is known for his temper tantrums, and you can hear some of them while spinning the reels and playing this game. Regrettably, these are limited, and you will not be able to hear his witty insults in this game!.

The symbols on the reels include traditional card symbols such as A, K, Q, and J, as well as some of Ramsay’s signature dishes such as the spicy burger, Beef Wellington, sticky toffee pudding, and his signature cocktail.

3. Family Guy

Source: SlotsUp

Fun gameplay with cartoon characters, as well as many unique bonus features such as extra wilds, free spins, and family member features, each with their own set of awards.

4. Conan

Source: Luck Digger

Pays both ways, three free spins modes with varying awards and volatility, extra secret symbols added to the Thoth-Amon feature, and mystery multipliers of up to 7x.

5. Jurassic Park

Source: Online Slots

The 243 ways to win, random wild reels, wilds that split in half, respins, 35 extra wilds during the T-rex feature, and a high RTP. 

Those are the best TV show slots that you can play. You can find them on many betting sites such as https://urbanyogachs.com/.  Then, which one of them do you want to try first?. Hopefully, you will get the best of luck.